Genau wie Jesus

Ich bin eigentlich genau wie Jesus: aber ich mache ihn deswegen nicht zu einem Gott.


I am just like Jesus: but that’s no reason to make a god out of him.




XLIX – “The sage has no mind of his own”

The sage has no mind of his own. He takes as his own the mind of the people.

Those who are good I treat as good. Those who are not good I also treat as good. In so doing I gain in goodness. Those who are of good faith I have faith in. Those who are lacking in good faith I also have faith in. In so doing I gain in good faith.

The sage in his attempt to distract the mind of the empire seeks urgently to muddle it. The people all have something to occupy their eyes and ears, and the sage treats them all like children.


I wish to distract the mind of the empire, so I muddle the mind of the empire. I wonder about the word distract. I want to distract the mind of the empire from its certainties, the certainty for example, that makes enemies. Show those of bad faith good faith? Yes, I will continue to be a good example to the Will to Power, even when she puts her tongue out at me. And I will show the empire virtue, even in the face of bad tricks.



The history of all hitherto existing societies…

…is the history of the oppression of women;

…is the history of the persecution of homosexuals and lesbians;

…is the history of the overthrow of religious dogma;

…is the history of technological development;

…is the history of tribal and national delusions;

…is the history of historical narratives.

This is the credo of the Left in its feminist-sexual liberationist-scientistic-technologist-globalist-cultural relativist form.

What is it though? It’s the history of laziness. Anything to avoid work and the work of the revolution in particular!




XLVIII – “In the pursuit of learning”

In the pursuit of learning one knows more every day; in the pursuit of the way one does less every day. One does less and less until one does nothing at all, and when does nothing at all there is nothing that is undone.

It is always through not meddling that the empire is won. Should you meddle, then you are not equal to the task of winning the empire.


The way is reins, but no blinkers; a saddle, but no spur. The way is a trot or a canter, but not a gallop.


Family rhymes

Four sisters, there were, and a mum.

(The dad away, working with chums.)

They fought, the girls, over who was the best:

Dad’s preference was always the eldest;

The second was the mum’s favourite one.

The jousting of both was fearsome fun.

The younger ones ducked, so it passed them by;

It follows they turned out wary and shy.


Did any escape the torture of those days?

Well, each was married, their own kids raised,

Three were divorced… only the eldest was not –

Seemingly she had drawn the better lot

(Being the one who the father adored).

The younger two went away to live abroad,

Had a few boyfriends to settle the score,

One had two kids; the other had four.


The second daughter went for divergence

Embracing the theories then in emergence:

Seeing as she and her sisters could not coexist,

She became a lesbian feminist!

Women’s lib didn‘t help too much in the end.

Indeed, it drove her son around the bend.


Really someone should have stopped her;

Now he’s a misogynist good and proper,

Stuck at home with two girls and a wife

And suffering, poor chap, no end of strife.

But if you think that’s the end, well it’s not:

The next generation will thicken the plot.






But my trust is in thy mercy

But my trust is in thy mercy; and my heart is joyful in thy salvation. (Ps 13.5)

My parents lacked moral courage. Lying, selfishness and denial are normal for children but shouldn’t be used by adults against children. In the end, they became my enemies. But, my task is to prepare myself for the judgment of my children, which is the judgment of G-d. Should I injure them, then G-d strike me dead – and for this covenant I will sing of the Lord, because he hath dealt so lovingly with me: yea, I will praise the Name of the Lord most Highest. (Ps. 13.6)