XLVI – “When the way prevails”

When the way prevails in the empire, fleet-footed horses are relegated to ploughing the fields; when the way does not prevail in the empire, war-horses breed on the border.

There is no crime greater than having too many desires;

There is no disaster greater than not being content;

There is no misfortune greater than being covetous.

Hence in being content, one will always have enough.


The speed and agility of thought with which I contend is well put to task in slowly ploughing the soul. This leads to good growth. But when my thoughts charge, contending with others, and desire mastery of others, strength will be given up to war.

I will keep to my borders and I will be content within them, ploughing my own soul for the life of my family. That way, we will always have enough.


XLV – “Great perfection seems chipped”

Great perfection seems chipped,

Yet use will not wear it out;

Great fullness seems empty,

Yet use will n0t drain it;

Great straightness seems bent;

Great skill seems awkward;

Great eloquence seems tongue-tied.

Restlessness overcomes cold; stillness overcomes heat.

Limpid and still,

One can be a leader in the empire.


The use or value of something is contradictory to its appearance. Contradictory. Beware that which looks – or sounds – great; it certainly isn’t.

XLIV – “Your name or your person”

Your name or your person

Which is dearer?

Your person or your goods,

Which is worth more?

Gain or loss,

Which is the greater bain?

That is why excessive meanness

Is sure to lead to great expense;

Too much store

Is sure to end in immense loss.

Know contentment

And you will suffer no disgrace;

Know when to stop

And you will meet with no danger.

You can then endure.



Longevity is attained through contentment.



God, man, superman pt.4

The reversion of Christianity to Judaism seems unlikely. It requires some sort of “betrayal” of Christ, the acceptence of 620 laws, and that’s too much, for both the religiously inclined and the radical who believes in loving lawlessness.

A general act of repentence for the history of Christian exploration-colonialism-genocide and ensuing acts of reconciliation (15% international development tax; controlled process of de-industrialization) is equally unlikely.

Hope is only that the Messiah comes.

For us it is a case of following our noses and keeping them clean. Believe nothing. Remember the uncarved block. Above all, the family and the tribe. The better creed of the superman: survival. No more.


God, man, superman pt.3

All transgressions, which are now bearing full fruit in the superman, are implicit in the “New Testament”, for Christ broke all bonds. In Christ there is neither male nor female (Gal. 3:28)…

The “New Testament” teaching rests on the parousia, not (as Paul taught) the resurrection. Christ’s teachings are the end, the fulfillment. They don’t point forward to future generations. They cannot replace the familial, tribal and legal structures on which (Jewish) society has depended.

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. (Matt. 10:34-36)

This “gospel” only makes sense as something other than a recipe for chaos if we consider the final judgment to be imminent: that there is no future, that all time is redeemed, there is no family or tribe; just you and God, now.

However, there was no parousia. So a new religion, society and laws were invented for the children of those who had burnt their bridges to the old world. And so it went on.

But with the death of the Christian religion, chaos (cultural revolution) is what we have. Repression in the name of the Christian religion is dead; and there’s nothing in the New Testament to restore peace: rather, ammunition!




God, man, superman pt.2

So, finite man – conditioned temporally, without essence – is becoming superman. His/her desire for limitlessness (once divinization, eternal life) is now reduced to – or empowered to – an overcoming of an infinite number of conditions.

All boundaries/conditions are to be overcome: sex, sexuality, family, gender, nation, human (AI-human hybrids). Transgressing or overcoming each of these serve to increase the feeling of power (qua Nietzsche): one’s own power to determine oneself and to overcome one’s conditioning.

Transgender and non-binary movements embody this revolutionary new power par excellence. Transnational systems of the movement of capital are central to it. The psychological cause (qua Nietzsche) is the motivation of expansion and testing limits (exploration/colonialisation).

The movement of transformation is called revolution (English, French, Russian (stillborn), and cultural (1968)). Of these, the 1968 cultural-revolution is the most significant, it reaches into gender, sexuality and the family.

Like all revolutions, counter-revolution and civil war follow, and this is what we are experiencing in Europe and North America (the counter cultural-revolution). It will spill over into armed civil war, because neither side can seize control for itself, nor tolerate the other. One side is too emotionally wedded to “democracy” to seize control; the others will attempt to seize control at the first opportunity, which will lead to a struggle for control of the state apparatus and the armed forces (and all the other forces).

In the end: not annihilation, but rubble (Aleppo) – survival, through family and tribe.