XXXVIII – “The rites are the wearing thin of loyalty and good faith”

A man of the highest virtue does not keep to virtue and that is why he has virtue. A man of the lowest virtue never strays from virtue and that is why he is without virtue. The former never acts, yet leaves nothing undone. The latter acts, but there are things left undone. A man of the highest benevolence acts, but from no ulterior motive. A man of the highest rectitude acts, but from ulterior motive. A man most conversant in the rites acts, but when no one responds rolls up his sleeves and reverts to persuasion by force.

Hence when the way was lost there was virtue; when the virtue was lost there was benevolence; when benevolence was lost there was rectitude; when rectitude was lost there were the rites.

The rites are the wearing thin of of loyalty and good faith

And the beginning of disorder;

Foreknowledge is the flowery embellishment of the way

And the beginning of folly.

Hence the man of large mind abides in the thick not in the thin, in the fruit not in the flower.

Therefore he discards the one and takes the other.


I do not keep to virtue, I possess virtue; it arises from within the one who is extraneous to himself  (XII).

What are the rites? An entirely externalized mode of conduct; professionalism, transparency, process. These three show lack of loyalty, suspicion, bad faith.


On Inter Caetera

Alexander VI‘s bull Inter Caetera (1493) demarcates generous borders for Ferdinand and Isabella in the new world.

The thought of the incarnation had become so misconstrued as to provide the theological ground on which the Earth and all peoples are to be subjugated by Christians! Such was the ideological underpinning of the colonialism which perpetrated not only genocides but the culture of exploitation, environmental destruction, nuclear weapons manufacture, and the death of God: The paradox is that this papal bull laid the cornerstone for a continent that would have no place for Christ. We squandered our inheritance by robbing others theirs.

Luckily, when the prodigal son turned, he also arose; and Mary Magdalene, by turning and seeing Jesus in the face of the gardener, became the first to proclaim the resurrection. It is only in this turning of the Church that she will rise again.

To live again, to bear witness to the life of the Risen Lord, the glory of eternal life – as opposed to the rotten corpse of Christendom’s past “glories” – God requires the Church show repentance and reparation for the colonialism her doctrines encouraged. It is the only holy and praiseworthy undertaking left to her.

“We trust in Him from whom empires and governments and all good things proceed, that, should you, with the Lord’s guidance, pursue this holy and praiseworthy undertaking, in a short while your hardships and endeavours will attain the most felicitous result, to the happiness and glory of all Christendom.”




The European Border

European values, like democracy, respect no borders.

Europe wants no borders.

Yet no border is defended like the European border.

Europe wants borders to Africa and Asia: but Europe never respected African and Asian borders.

This state of affairs will be perpetuated or reversed, violently or peacefully.

Respect borders! Open the European border! For peace!


XXXVII – “If I cease to desire and remain still”

The way never acts yet nothing is left undone.

Should lords and princes be able to hold fast to it,

The myriad creatures will be transformed of their own accord.

After they are transformed, should desire raise its head,

I shall press it down with the weight of the uncarved nameless block.

The nameless uncarved block

Is but freedom from desire,

And if I cease to desire and remain still,

The empire will be at peace of its own accord.


Horse Stance practises the weight of the nameless uncarved block, the centre of the earth; go to the centre of the earth. By doing so, all things are pulled to their right place through you. Then come out of Horse Stance and walk deliberately to your next task; your next task will be for the belly only and not your desiring senses.



I am a gateway to you

I am a gateway to you.

Come through.

It is a country park

Pathways through the woods

Thick wet grass,

Sloping fields, undulations

Some cows, a bridleway,


Kissing gates.

There’s an outhouse too,

Once whitewashed

Now dank stone,

Green turning black.

The skies have gone heavy grey.

The park is walled in

Forty acres are ours

We explore it once

And build a chapel or new stables

The park gets smaller

The outhouse colder

The paths wear


The future looks like a moving walkway

The future looks like a moving walkway at an airport.

But one rolling towards you,

You feel it will sweep you backwards off your feet.

You get on it and it is more of a hamster’s wheel,

Going at a human pace after all.

You even feel fast as the advertising flies by.

A child asks why the advertising is moving;

It’s a trick of course; devils push them,

To trick us into believing in the future.

The walkways seem to go on forever;

Until we rest and the advertisements stop moving.

But their future will come back again

And you’ll feel like it will sweep you backwards off your feet,

But it won’t. We keep it moving like hamsters.





XXXVI – “The fish must not be allowed to leave the deep”

If you would have a thing shrink

You must first stretch it;

If you would have a thing weakened,

You must first strengthen it;

If you would ahve a thing laid aside,

You must first set it up;

If you would take from a thing,

You must first give to it.

This is called subtle discernment:

The submissive and weak will overcome the hard and strong.

The fish must not be allowed to leave the deep;

The instruments of power in a state must not be revealed to anyone.


It is a matter of exercising control; the texts are about exercising control.

To exercise control you must first relinquish control: to take it up again.

That the submissive and weak will overcome the hard and the strong is a matter of self-control, looking and waiting; wresting control.