When I was 16

I saw an interview with Alex Paterson today. He was talking about the music which moved him.

In summer 1992 I was turning sixteen and heard The Orb for the first time. I had been invited to go to an Orb concert in London with a friend. I had never heard The Orb before and Paul, who was an expert on ecstasy, played me the track “Outlands” from The Aubrey Mixes. It was so clean and so cool and so modern; metallic, pristine and very groovy; you could have eaten your breakfast off it. A new world (the “ultraworld”!) was before me.

Some weeks later and it is the first night at Glastonbury, the sun is dissolving across the sky and “Little Fluffy Clouds” starts….The sky’s reds and yellows and blues and purples filled me, they were so beautiful, and so was I, and so was everyone. The togetherness was so individual and so affirmative of the others around you. I was so overcome by the sheer beauty of things. Pleni sunt coeli et terra gloria tua meant this.


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