Saviour of the Labour Party

I went to Liz Kendall’s meeting last night. It took place in the Four Thieves bar in Clapham. Not a working men’s club by any stretch of the imagination. I patronized the establishment by paying 4.65 for a shandy(!).

Ms Kendall spoke very passionately and convincingly, much better than her media image as a right-wing provocateur. I kept my hand up for the whole meeting to ask a question (not easy for a shandy drinker), and throughout was resolutely ignored by the steely-faced interlocator. I finally got called in the last batch.

She had said she was for “Anyone but Corbyn” (ABC). She said there would be a big debate going on for years in the party. My question (a request) was that she and the other two stand on a common positive platform rather than the negative ABC, which wouldn’t work. She came to my question last, and gave an impassioned and brilliant speech about the Tories setting out to destroy the Party.

Afterwards, she sought me out, and said that the only thing she agreed on with Corbyn was immigration. I said it was the 80s again – imagine if Tony Benn had been leader then – they must show collective leadership. The ballots go out in a few days: there is no time to lose.


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