Farewell farce

There was brief moment after Tuesday’s poll in which the god Farce revealed himself to the world, and, after my initial horror, I payed homage: It is Jeremy Corbyn’s first PMQs. Sat next to him is his new front bench economics team. Michael Meacher as shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer; Dianne Abbott, shadow First Secretary to the Treasury; Dennis Skinner, shadow Minister for Business and Enterprise. Across the way, row upon row of Tory bankbenchers absolutely pissing themselves; deputising for Cameron, George Osbourne rises statesman like, to offer words of congratulation to Jeremy on his election – but can’t get a word out for the giggles. Span the Labour backbenches: one rigid, unblinking, frozen face after the other. Alex Salmond, eyebrows sincere, smilingly extends the warm hand of friendship from the people of Scotland. Tim Farron, earnestly welcomes progressive, liberal Labour members to his inclusive party, proud of its SDP heritage.

But the Wheel of History turned, and I shall have to say farewell to the dream of Dennis Skinner on the frontbenches, farewell to Chuka Umunna’s stony face, farewell to Alex’s eyebrows and to Tim’s sincerity: Farewell even to the gaiety of the Tory benches. Alas! Cooper or Burnham?


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