Thinking from outside the JC bubble

  1. Think of Clement Attlee: He was against the general strike, served in the “treacherous” national government, and under a Tory Prime Minister. In 1945, he implemented a Liberal’s plan for the welfare state. Labour is pragmatic.
  2. JC’s policies were thirty years out of date thirty years ago! Everyone got sick of council houses, state industries and macho unions.
  3. A private landlord’s property is his investment. The council worker doesn’t really care if your toilet’s leaking.
  4. And who cared if industry died amidst fights between civil servants and trades unions?
  5. As far I understand JC, to burst the neo-liberal “Westminster bubble” we should have the economy run by bureaucrats and civil servants in Westminster.
  6. He made zero contribution to Labour in power. But now he’ll change everything?
  7. Most of the Parliamentary Labour Party think he’s outdated at best – will he have them deselected? Will he even have a shadow cabinet for his policies?
  8. He is popular among i) Labour members suspicious of New Labour and truly enraged by the illegal Iraq war; ii) Labour supporters disinterested in the Party’s history or future; iii) students against paying fees; iv) people suffering desperately under the cuts  v) people who hate the “Westminster elite” and anti-capitalists without imagination. That’s many understandably discontented people, but not the main body of the population. JC’s become the leader of a protest movement without imagination (I mean, a manifesto from ’83!!!), not the leader of the Labour Party.
  9. What about foreign policy? Europe? NATO? Israel? Is going-it-alone internationalist?

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