What’s Labour? An attempt

The Labour Party stands for increased wealth for the main body of society. The Labour Party wants an economy which seeks competitive advantage in technological advancement, creativity and innovation rather than low wages and taxes. The Labour Party seeks to build strong industrial relations through cooperation between business leaders and trades unions. The Labour Party seeks to invest in educational opportunities for all from early years through to higher education. This creates a vibrant and prosperous society, attractive for work and business.

The Labour Party stands for peace. So the Labour Party aims to tackle resentments and prejudices, be they based on gender, ethnicity, wealth, sexuality, and the like by pursuing a vision of a society which celebrates and pursues justice, equality and diversity. This means avoiding divisive rhetoric and developing politics aimed at creating greater respect and reducing social tensions caused by gross inequalities or ghettoisation. It means investing in communities. The Labour Party seeks to strengthen democracy and devolve power. The Labour Party is internationalist and seeks to engage fully in Europe, NATO and the UN. For all members of society the Labour Party seeks excellent and equal healthcare, a good home which is your own, and a healthy environment.

The Labour Party hopes, attempting all this through listening to, and advocating for, the hopes of ‘the many’, through parliamentary democracy, international cooperation, investment in public services and regulating a market economy to serve the common good.


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