The K Foundation burn a million

Today’s the 21st anniversary of the “burning of a million quid”.

At the end of the film Bill Drummond says, “The truth we deal in is far bigger than the those….” (Jimmy Cauty interjects, “lies”) “…those things which people interpret as lies.”

Consider the burning/film as

  1. Art: it doesn’t matter whether they “really burnt it or not” for it to be an effective work of art. People must be really confronted with the possibility.
  2. Religion: but for it to be a sacrifice, it must be the real burning of a million quid.

Believing they did it, consider it as

  1. Business: This investment, a work of art, could end up being profitable as a marketing exercise for future sellable K Foundation works of art or spin offs. Commemorative piggy banks?
  2. Politics: imagine Jeremy Corbyn promising the electorate to raise taxes and systematically burn the lot.
  3. Economics: apparently the Bank of England could have issued another million in 50 pound notes. If the K Foundation didn’t want it back, the money could have been donated to the Tate for Turner Prize money or some other worthy cause.
  4. Philosophy: Bill Drummond pointed out that not one real thing was destroyed (just bits of paper whose value is as an instrument of exchange and distribution alone); secondly, they can do what they want with their money – or does all money belong in some way to us all? Finally, the brick, our response, the commemorative piggy bank, demonstrates the impossibility of annihilation.

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