Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua, pt.1

I sometimes perceived or thought I perceived that heaven and earth was full of glory, and the glory which filled heaven and earth was called G-d’s glory. I believed in G-d accordingly. For heaven, I understood the sky, and later spirit, concepts or ideas. Finally, faith meant not yielding to any view which didn’t have this glory in view. I thought it fit Catholic philosophy in that “something is good in so much as it has being”. The good news was a new insight into that glory which fills heaven and earth: this glory surpasses my death, resurrection is this glory re-manifesting in new life forms. So, even when humanity destroys the planet, we can expect something new and more glorious to come in our place. And when I started writing a few years ago, I thought about the “good news”. Is what I am writing “good news”? Does what I am writing affirm life? It seemed a great synthesis with Nietzsche. But what happens when you get enraged and full of hate? What does this have to do with life? There’s something there which is not very glorious in any case.


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