Who is to blame? A rant

The final straw:


He joins the Labour Party to get his mate elected mayoral candidate; he votes Corbyn because they both like to mosey around second-hand bookshops; another pal, a Green/Communist, is asked to join in the voting and feels “sentimentally entitled” to vote for Corbyn…. The Guardian-Labour milieu feeds off such shocking trite. Politics is about principles and values first – only members of a class who have power could dream that. Do they redistribute their wealth or put their power to use? No, they proclaim their Sunday-morning politics and blame the Tories or Tory-lite for not redistributing their money for them. Why do this? – It’s not for love of losing – it’s winning: it’s precisely the recycling of their myopic nonsense which keeps them paid to protest and Tories in power, keeps their taxes low and ensures they don’t have to rub shoulders with working-class people. One writer after the other, Left or Right, day after day, scarcely touches an issue of substance for anyone other than their own intellectual whim. Don’t get me wrong, New Labour is/was just as enwallowed in all this North London political dross, and shows no sign of resurfacing. It will be a miracle if anyone, from the family saving for a home to the single mum saving for a holiday on the coast, ever votes Labour again. In Scotland and England, they couldn’t give a toss about the Labour Party and only nationalism is left.


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