Carnedd Daffyd. An attempt

After the exuberant ascent, we had got lost in a gale of freezing rain clouds whilst looking for the ridge that would lead to Daffyd. We knew that, firstly, to the left there were sheer drops of hundreds of metres onto the jagged rocks below; then came the drops to the right. Later on I worked out on the map where we had been at that moment – well right of where we should have been – but I couldn’t work out where we were on the map at that moment. Why was the cliff face still on the left? We were supposed to have advanced along the ledge such that the cliffs were now on the right. Only later, when the cloud cleared, could I see where we had been at that moment. Laughably, we were at that point even further away to the right of where we should have been than we had been the moment earlier, not so far even as to have made it on to the ridge and the the cliffs to the right – thankfully, probably, because now that the clouds had cleared and the landscape unveiled itself under swathes of blue sky, and we could see where we were, not that far from the car, which was a great relief and a great disappointment – in exactly the same measure.


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