Bad Dream

Before sleep,

Suckling, dribbling milky traces

Under a firmament of soft faces

Who rose in the east, homed your day

And now come to a clean close.

Night sky, deep in to slick black blue

Hanging wheeling moons who kindly keep

A soft rocking lullaby pace around you.

But the orbiting stops.

And, un-blanketed, spread-eagled

In a barren barred cot, in blackness,

No gentle circling projectile above,

But speeding by, rocks and sparks

Thrown grindstones, un-spindled

Shrieking past, colliding, splintering,

Shrapnel, cutting through, they’re shrieking

They’re they’re shrieking, they’re cutting through

Tile-cutting, skull, cutting, they’re, they’re

There there there, shuddering shuddering

Shush shush shush, there there there,

Shuddering shuddering, soft lips

Shoulder shoulder shush shush shush

Hiccup. Shush shush shush there there there


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