What I know

“What is good? Whatever augments the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself, in man. What is evil? Whatever springs from weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power increases – that resistance is being overcome.”

I am the truth – is the beginning not the end of knowledge. It’s not a marvellous back-slapping conclusion (which will be death).

Its validity spans the whole web of argumentation as its rule of validation. I am the truth is the new cogito: I am therefore it is the truth. It doesn’t have meaning, as if meaning, like truth, were added from outside. But its content and context, and the exploration, assertion and development of this content and its context constitutes knowledge. Its proceeds through struggle, to overcome opinion which hinders growth and development of power. All doctrines in science and art stem in the self’s struggle to comprehend its own truth and value.

The Greeks sought “the true, the good, the beautiful” and concluded that “a thing is good, true, beautiful in as much as it exists”. My premise is that the good, the true, the beautiful is what I am.

Knowledge of what I am is a question not of revelation, unfolding, unmasking, deducing, inferring – but one of asserting, overthrowing and overcoming.


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