“One has to think this matter thoroughly through to the bottom and resist all sentimental weakness: life itself is essentially appropriation, injury, overpowering of the strange and weaker, supression, severity, imposition of one’s own forms, incorportaion, and at the least and the mildest, exploitation – but why should one always have to employ precisley those words which have from of old been stamped with a slanderous intention?” (My italics)

Why should one? Why does he? Because: Christian nihilism has turned everything upside down, and everything has become disfigured through centuries of heavenly gravitational pull, sin, which disvalues life and so imposes deathly forms of interpretation (as above). Now – when things are turned the right way up again – they are horribly disfigured. Only now can earthly, not heavenly, gravity (not sin, but affirmation) set to work on them, imposing more joyful forms of language. But Christian nihilism stamped “life” evil by allowing sin to enter life’s essence.

These words must be employed, because it is only through them that we “can think this matter thoroughly through to the bottom”, for when we all resist sentimental weakness – and think – we see in them… precisely the Christian nihilist view of “life”, sinful: our first sentimental shock at these words constitute the Christian nihilist slander against life. But what? This Christian nihilist meaning – or stamp – is slanderously imputed by Christians onto Nietzsche: onto he whose philosophy will re-evaluate life with new concepts, sinless, which serve its affirmation.

“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets…”


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