Straight talking

The idea that other animals’ and humans’ languages are best contrasted by the fact that the one communicates always, whereas the other nearly always discommunicates, shows up the Corbynist deception at its most fundamental: his “straight talking”. In the case of human language, straight talking is an oxymoron.

“Honest politics” follows hot on the heels of straight talking. Just as war is violence, which is bodily, which is command, which is communication; so is politicking dishonesty, which is spirit, which is language, which is discommunication. In any case, no truly honest politician will describe himself as truly dishonest, so long as he remains a politician.

Religion and politics preeminently give birth to oxymorons/”dishonest language” (excuse the tautology): glorious dead, free will, eternal life, equal society, hard-left, body language, spiritual truth: life=glory, will=compulsion, timed=life, hierarchy=society, “kind”=left, body=reality, material=true.

Outside politics, I can think of very few oxymorons: quality bargains, soggy biscuits and soft shell jackets.


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