Parisian beta-boys

Beta-boys have learnt not to try to disavow their hatreds, but they have not learnt to go beyond good and evil; like Francois Hollande, whose response is to condemn the “abominable and barbaric act”. Who thought it was an exercise in civility and good manners? These terrifying acts are to do with sickness and health, not morality.

The problem is that Christian society has trained us both to have compassion for the sick and to condemn evil acts as expressions of a sinful will. What comes first, sickness or sin? The answer was sin: otherwise we would have had to have said that God created man sick. Man is sinful, his evil is of his own volition alone.

Beta boys are sick, in their spirits, which means that they cannot vent their own power and glory. They have to vent God’s, and then only God condemning, or some other cause. They have lost touch with their own health and the health of the world. There will always be people who are sick, and new sicknesses. C’est la vie.


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