Losing wars

Life demands war-like qualities. Without this idea, war is made without a life-like spirit.

In response to the attacks, western governments again jump head first into the trap, and step up their bombing campaigns. Fourteen years after nine-eleven, exactly the same errors.

In such wars, it is treason to state the obvious. There is condemnation for pointing out that western governments’ policies provoke these attacks (which attacks are meant to provoke western governments…). Our cowardly politicians can’t say – yes, these attacks are happening in response to our policies in the Middle East (as Tony Blair did) but we stand by those policies (as Blair does). The current bunch don’t do this because they don’t stand by their policies, because they don’t have any strategy on which to base a policy (the only policy has been the Blair-Bush one and it failed: but they can’t say that either). So it’s now just one blunder after the other. Let us be honest, since nine-eleven, policy such that it is has been dictated overwhelmingly by the need for elected politicians to quench the public thirst for vengeance. It is purely reactive.

If governments could say: life is war-like and we are at war in the Middle East then there could be straight talking honest politics. There might even be the space for a ceasefire, or a chance of success. As it is, they have to pretend life’s all harmony and democratic values until pure evil fanatics (our politicians like to outdo each other in prolixity on this count) come along and start it. Currently, the war is being lost.


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