War and peace

Just War Theory pretends war is not a condition of life. It postulates a natural peace to be defended or regained, and war is a means to that end. Pacifism also pretends that war is not a condition of life: War is a mistake which cannot undo itself and so pacifism is the only appropriate response. But war is a condition of life, and terrorism, like pacifism, is a tactic of resistance and reaction to attack. Our governments are engaged in an active and aggressive war to maintain the economic advantage of Europe and its American outgrowth. But because we don’t allow them to admit it, their theologians have to invent the idea of Just War.

It’s not that other states wouldn’t wage open and aggressive war on us to their advantage if they thought they could succeed! But we can’t admit this either; the colonialists are violent, and the colonised represent the state of peace. Who could afford such naïvety – or be so patronising – other than a colonialists’ theologian? In all probability humans will cancel each other out before too long through environmental- or war-catastrophe. Peace exists when the whole passing human Erscheinung is celebrated nonetheless, which is the basis for happy alliances and wise treaties.




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