Feminist advent 3: The evil stepmother

Why was Picasso’s mother happy to be the conduit of her father’s realization (or image) through her own son? At this stage, it looks like the mother in so doing is bearing her father his child (in his image), albeit through the agency of a husband/Holy Spirit. She accepts this role, it is her return on the love the father shows her.

And why would she reject this role? At this stage, we would have to say that the reversal, the refusal of the mother to be the conduit of her father, is a symptom of the father’s rejection his daughter. She hates and resents him for rejecting her.

But why would he reject her? Does he see in her his own mother’s failure to adore him? If so, why did she not adore him? Because in this case, she was a stepmother: his mother had died. So in this daughter he saw his stepmother. The disruption was the stepmother.

The political structure of patriarchy had reflected the nature of the family with the Conduit Mother at its centre. But this fails when the Conduit Mother failed. Feminism gives a political expression to the concomitant rejection of the Conduit Mother role. Feminism is born of egalitarianism because it insists on the woman’s end being in herself, as with the man, demanding the rights of man.

So far so good, but could the mother conceive of itself without being conduit to another’s self-realization as per advent, without becoming merely a stepmother?


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