Feminist advent 2: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso

Pablo’s family name was his father’s and his mother’s; the final name of Picasso comes from his maternal grandfather.  Similary, Pablo’s father’s final name of Blanco comes from his maternal grandfather. Pablo’s sister, Lola, also has the final name of her maternal grandfather.

It is the daughter who perpetuates the name of the father, and through her, her daughters also. The name has its end with a son.

The question was, could Picasso have become Picasso without María Picasso y López becoming Mother of Picasso? In fact, she made Picasso Picasso in the name of her father. Picasso was the product of what she had from her father. Picasso was the product of an idolization of the father projected onto the son. María Picasso y López was conduit between her father and her son.

One option for the different advent, in which the woman is not a conduit, the “incubation tank”, but an end, like a man with no daughter, is to end lineage altogether, beyond male and female, and the indentity of family.

The other and more likely option is war-like feminism. To abolish the old line and start a new one, dominating men and turning men into a conduit for women, the “sperm donor”. In this case, the mother is the enemy and not the idolizing champion of the son, the son is the product of the daughter’s refusing the role of the conduit, the son is the product of her hatred for the father.






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