Tom’s Midnight Garden

Through the preceding chapters Tom’s plan of spending eternity in the garden with Hatty has grown more and more fanciful, and then urgent, as the Saturday of his departure approaches: winter had set in, and the garden would not return to summer; Hatty was getting older, Tom was becoming less perceptible to her, she is with another; and there were Biblical warnings of ‘time no longer’. Tom’s sense that his dream is slipping away accelerates and his fancy and urgency bring him to a frantic final attempt to return to the garden. But the garden has gone for ever and with it Hatty. Tom runs in again, chaotically, and desperately calls out “Hatty! Hatty!” – waking the whole house. Quickly, his uncle came downstairs, “and caught Tom in his arms. The boy sobbed and fought as if being taken prisoner. Then his uncle felt his body go limp, and he began weeping softly now, but as though he would never stop.”

He goes to bed dreaming nothing and when he wakes up the next morning, “the horror and grief of yesterday were already there”… “he had lost his last chance; he had lost the garden. The tears fell from his eyes and he could not stop them falling…”


They have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him.


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