“Love your enemies”

Today I heard again a sick homily, one on the need to forgive, to love one’s enemies, and especially so at Christmas. What a load of guff!

“Love your enemies” is paradoxical and probably ironic. You can’t take it literally!

There’s no evidence in the rest of the synoptic gospels that Jesus loved his enemies. Quite the opposite – religious tradespeople he particularly held in contempt, promising many a millstone drowning and burning at the stake! As for the Holy Spirit – well, in the Acts of the Apostles he liquidates his enemies with utmost efficiency.

So, taking “love your enemies” literally means making a mockery of God. Of course we can’t love those whom God himself does not love, as if we were holier than old grumpy-socks God.

I am happy to say that I don’t know whom God loves and whom he hates. I hope to recognise whom I truly love and whom I truly hate. I accept the possibility of forgiveness, but I’m not going to try to love the people who are hateful to me. I will continue to hate them, gladly leaving vengeance to God, and put my grumpy-socks efforts into loving others and those who have loved me.







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