Thirst for God



“If we see God and enjoy him eternally in Heaven, shouldn’t we enjoy our temporality, on Earth, and not worry about God too much? I mean, what’s the point?”

“That’s an excellent question. But is there a point in trying to answer it, if it’s about God?”

“Well, you’re the teacher going on about God. Why bother?”

“Well, St Thomas Aquinas tells us that man has an in-built thirst for God. So I suppose that’s why.”

“But so many people couldn’t give a monkeys about God, sir.”

“That’s because they transpose their innate desire for God onto creatures.”



“Nah, they just want things and God is of little interest to them these days. So much for in-built thirst.”

“No, no, what it is, is that people have a thirst, and this thirst cannot be fully quenched, except by God. They try to quench their thirst in many ways, but their thirst is infinite, and can only be quenched by the infinite, God.”

“And that happens in the end right?”

“That’s our hope.”

“Then why not just enjoy all the other things which pertain to finite thirst-quenching, safe in the knowledge you’ll get the infinite thirst-quencher in the end?”

“Well humans don’t function like that.”

“Maybe not, but they don’t function in the way you think makes sense either. Hardly any one thirsts for God these days. There isn’t an innate thirst for God.”

“There is, there is an unquenchable thirsting, and this is the thirst for God.”







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