Thirst for God 2

“So you said, ‘there is unquenchable thirsting. This is the thirst for God.’ This is quite a leap. All we could say is, there is unquenchable thirsting. The second bit is pretentious.”

“Why pretentious? That’s just what I understand the innate thirst for God to be, this unquenchable thirsting.”

“Well you didn’t say that.”


“Not quite whatever, for this reason. Why does no one thirst for God any more? Or rather, why does no one say God, or think God? Why don’t they make that leap you made, the one from ‘unquenchable thirsting’ to the thirst for God. Why is God left out?”

“Because I’m pretentious?”

“It’s OK sir, all teachers are pretentious! Let us grant there was a day when no one ever left God out, and that there are many places still where they don’t leave God out, and that in this context speaking of the ‘thirst for God’ makes or made sense. But that’s not the case for my experience. ‘God’ seems to have ‘gone off’ at worst, be taboo at ironical best. It’s neither commonplace nor exalted, just a bit of an embarrasment to people.”

“Well, not everybody, but I see what you mean, God’s not really spoken more broadly, neither among the intelligentsia, the politicians, nor the man in the street.”

“Yet you nonetheless want to say that the thirst for God is still there, although no one speaks about either the thirst or God in this way ?”


“Which doesn’t make sense.”



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