The Guardian, 19th March 2016

Ms Pendleton at Cheltenham

Comes riding home in fifth

Tory shock at resignation

Of Iain Duncan Smith.

Welfare cuts salami-sliced

PIP’s been hit.

Sofabeds are now half price:

OJ still did it.

Belgian terrorist on the run

Chocolate eggs from Lidl

Hot cross buns are on page one

Cops are on the fiddle.

Hinkley Point is very bad

Women seen as totty

All the sex Paul Flowers had.

PM on Lanzarote.

A Palestinian teacher won

Who lets them ‘play and learn’

Migrant deal with Turkey done

Some physics stuff from Cern.

Musharraf’s lifted travel ban.

Hulk Hogan’s sex-tape theft.

Putin’s got a cunning plan.

Anti-Semites on the left.

A pianist was killed at home.

Trump’s got a massive lead.

Power to you from Vodafone.

The rest I didn’t read.


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