Child protection

We had to attend a child protection workshop today. It was stated that we should not believe “it can’t happen here”. Where is here? This private school of ours?

First it was about the family and the internet; there.

I was thinking, we have recently had headlines about paedophilia in Westminster (political power), public schools (moral power), the church (spiritual power), the BBC (cultural power). So we know there is a serious problem there, at institutions a bit like ours.

In the workshop we saw two films to demonstrate how child sexual exploitation and abuse typically works. One centred on the Rotherham paedophile ring and the other video was about the practise of female genital mutilation. So the typology of child abuse we were given today both concerned working class Muslim immigrant communities as perpetrators. Only this group! Why? Because this group is there and it has little legal/political power to defend itself against such demonisation. It is unimaginable that an educational training video for teachers would focus exclusively on the church, the politicians, yea the private schools.

Regarding child abuse, the scent recently has lead to the upper classes; but these educational videos lead us off on another scent. The workshop in fact served only to reinforce the notion that it couldn’t happen here. As such, it provides cover for them. It makes things worse.

No one said anything, except me. I don’t think anyone else could be bothered. What a bloody miserable topic.



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