UK Independence Day 2

It has become clear that New Nationalist Captialism was an ugly chimera of mine. In fact, the Brexiteers are after all (of course) a rag-bag of clowns and eccentrics utterly incapable of ushering in hungry guests into a wedding feast, let alone the New Nationalist Capitalist World Regime. Brexit is beyond them, intellectually and spiritually. They face: half a nation in rebellion (and the wealthy, intelligent, energetic half at that, including most of the political class and civil service, a good portion of their own party, and two-thirds of the commons); Scottish independence, Sein Feinn pushing for reunification of Ireland, Gibraltar seeking dual-governance with Spain; all the major European powers looking to fuck them up; a collapsing pound and economy; the legalities of the extrication and a thousand new international trade deals. Not even Bismarck, Churchill, Roosevelt, Merkel, Attlee – not even Thatcher goddammit! – could manage that.

We have taken back control: The economy will go into recession and the value of the pound will plummet. The Tory Party will be in chaos. Now Jeremy has betrayed his young urban base by not campaigning for Remain, and proved he can’t win the North, the Labour Party will have a half decent leader again (Stephen Kinnock): ensuing general election will be fought on an a “just look at the almighty cock-up that that lot have made of it!” platform.

Labour elected – by which time the pound will be ruined and – jawohl! – we will be in a perfect position to join the euro. Herzlichen Glueckwuensch!





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