Labour leadership, again

Back to where we began.

Please O God spare us another bloody debate about the meaning of the words ‘aspiration’, ‘progressive politics’, ‘fairer society’, ‘austerity’, ‘nationalisation’, ‘blairite’, ‘social justice’ and ‘Westminster elite’.

However, there’s not a lot of evidence that the party leadership – in the broadest sense of the word – knows – in the deepest sense of the word – either what it’s fighting for nor who it’s fighting for. So let me tell them (again): you are fighting for a bigger share of society’s wealth for the middle and working classes. We want better public services, wages and affordable homes. We have to show them how we achieve that, which is by creating a culture of investment, from the small company which pays above the minimum wage, to large companies who pay into regional development funds, to the state herself. It is that simple.

And you start by condemning this shambolic referendum experiment, rather than indulging in this “will of the people” nonsense. The whole thing has been a complete deception; indeed, a product of crappy public services, jobs and homes.

A slogan (straightalking): Labour will deliver on public services, good jobs and housing.



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