Against transformation

I have never been happy with having to “transform” myself or with having to “transform” society.

Of myself, the knowledge I have of good and evil should not serve to “transform me” into something good, but to show me the sin which covers up my goodness.

“Transforming society” means having a bloody revolution, not restoring peace. It will usually involve “appropriating” wealth and re-distributing it. This would have validity under the auspices of restoring an original equality; restoring to each an equal stake…. But to justly pursue such a policy, you would need to ascertain whether the uneven distribution of wealth in a society is the product in each and every case of injustice. Are there no grounds upon which it is just that one person has greater wealth than the other? Isn’t there some possibility of wealth for the industrious and lack of wealth for the less industruous? (Belonging to the less industrious strikes me as the nobler choice).  In any case, if you cannot demonstrate in courts of justice that someone’s wealth is unjustly gained, you cannot justly appropriate it. Hence restoration in this sense, though a good end, is not possible… so the call becomes one for transformation (e.g. from capitalism to socialism).

The call to action which the Tao Te Ching (and the myth of Adam and Eve) warns us against is the call to transformation. It’s from the Evil One. Take no action and order will prevail.


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