VIII – “(water) settles where none would like to be”

In quality of mind it is depth that matters…

Water settles not in high places, but in depths – “where none would like to be”. For example, the dark depths of a highland loch: you dive into these lochs and are immediately immersed in darkness.

Settling in these depths, settling in the dark depths of a highland loch – the void, which is still – means coming “close to the way”. There are many demons and monsters which rush up at you in these depths, much more real and terrifying than Nessie. Or there may be rocks down there which can break your skull or spine.

On the other hand, water does not contend (with these demons or these rocks). And it is because it does not contend that it is never at fault. Water is never consumed or unbalanced by them. Water may wash over them; water may circumvent them, smoothing their edges; or water may pound them. But its strength comes from the stillness of its depth.

This way nevers falters.


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