On Race: LRB edition 20.10.16

Farage and especially Trump; colonial relations. Not about class etc., but about race, about primitive fears regarding domination, identity and belonging.

This is the most hopeful thesis for the origin of international conflict, as it points to the inevitability of its end: one material thing “globalisation” means today is that races are converging.

The family is the only really significant social and political unit. All other attachments – class, society, nation, race – are withering away. At the same time, they are desperately reconfigured by Farages and Trumps.

I have now realised that today’s social discord is primarily an outworking of family breakdown – class/social, national and racial identities are sought to replace it.

Why is the family breaking down? Because the ends of racial domination came to be sought through capitalist means, which brought with it the concept of the individual labourer and not the family as the basic social unit.

However, it is the family unit – it is strong families – which will secure the survival of the species in the face of environmental catastrophe, nuclear war and whatever else is done in the name of class, society, nation, race, etc.

The religion is Christianity and morality starts by taking in orphans and widows.


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