Economics 3, Rapid growth in production

Partly through the processes described in Peter and Susan’s accumulation of property in Economics 1, and the merchant’s (and later Peter and Susan of the 25th generation’s ) accumulation of capital in Economics 2, a system developed in which companies like Paul and Angela’s tools’ company employed people from other companies, people who for one reason or the other (incompetence and/or bad luck) could no longer work for themselves. The more the workers, the more working time; the greater the skill, the greater the production; thousands of tools were being produced… way faster than the old ones wore out, and the tools were always getting better!

Smaller companies became less, more workers flocked to the bigger companies. Big companies borrowed more money to become even bigger and on and on it went….

But there was a problem. The wealth created in this fashion was hardly going to the workers (Paula and Angela of the 50th generation), the people who made the tools, but increasingly it was going to Peter and Susan (of the 50th generation), and to Stephen and the merchants (of the 25th generation). They had more money than they knew what to do with!

That was not the only problem.



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