XVI – “Returning to one’s roots”

I do my utmost to attain emptiness;

I hold firmly to stillness.

The myriad creatures all rise together

And I watch their return.

The teeming creatures

All return to their separate roots.

Returning to one’s roots is known as stillness.

That is what is meant by returning to one’s destiny.

Returning to one’s destiny is known as the constant.

Knowledge of the constant is known as discernment.

Woe to him who wilfully innovates

While ignorant of the constant.

But should one act from knowledge of the constant

One’s action will lead to impartiality,

Impartiality to kingliness,

Kingliness to heaven,

Heaven to the way,

The way to perpetuity,

And to the end of one’s days one shall meet with no danger.

I suppose I can only truly act with impartiality – well-balanced – when my inner tumult is at rest, when I am in a state of peace and not agitation. Any other sort of action will be imbalanced and will lead to further dangers, and away from my true goals. To be rooted you need to stand still, taking no action.


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