Jesus on the Rampage (Mat. 8)

“When Jesus had come down from the mountain”,

All hell broke loose for all those around him:

First he chose to make a leper clean and it was done.

At Capernaum, he was asked to say the word, just one –

And presto! A servant healed, all because of a man’s belief!

But the faithless are condemned to the gnashing of teeth.

Then at Peter’s house he healed all manner of riff-raff,

Saying, foxes have holes, birds nests; but I got no gaff.

And there’s no time to rest if I did,  ‘cos we’re not yet dead

Talking of the dead, they can bury themselves, he said.

After, on the boat, he stopped the gales and the raining:

Blimey, “Who’s this that even the winds and seas obey him?”

Some demoniacs said that he was ahead of his time,

So he pushed them off a cliff with a herd of swine.

On hearing this, the locals came out, on the double:

Crying, stay away, please! We don’t want no trouble.

Now, did all this really happen? It’s a bit far-fetched.

But how good is the truth, if it can’t be stretched?


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