Abolish capitalism gently

The spirit of critique and the spirit of the capitalist are the same. They both took hold around about the same time. Neither pursues solidarity and peace.

Scientific socialism “critiques” capitalism as if it were capitalism’s natural outcome, as if it were the future of capitalism, as if it knew better. This holds for the communist idea of the future dictatorship of the proletariat as much as for the “progressive” politics of today.

True socialism – the politics of peace and solidarity – is descriptive of an ugly state of affairs and thinks about how to bring about greater peace and solidarity. It won’t critique capitalism, it won’t know better, it will condemn it because it believes better.

Socialism has been damaged by scientific socialism, by the idea that socialism is a parallel or a development of capitalism. True socialism simply seeks the (gentle) abolition of capitalism on moral grounds. Western society must repent of its capitalism, and its critique, and its future; not to reinstate the past, but to reinstate eternity in a new way.



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