On the “Ode to Joy”

Igor Levit played Liszt’s transcription of the Ode to Joy at the opening night of the Proms.

“Classical music” is the music of the burgeoning nation, opulence, slavery, colonialism, of profit-riven Europe; the Europe of slums, prisons, madhouses; of sickening poverty, vulgarity and the highest refinement of the arts.

The EU’s seemingly noble project of surpassing the nation state has no aim other than the perpetuation of the European superiority: culturally, politically, economically, ‘morally’, technologically. Does any good European not believe his culture to be superior to all those cultures Europe has ravaged – not least the Jewish? Would any European throw in his lot with any other culture?

Well then, in what does the European joy consist? What is the joy of the Ode to Joy?¬†It is the triumph of ‘the human spirit’; of ‘European man’.




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